Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I don't consider myself a crafty person at all. Sure, I love to cook and bake and experiment in the kitchen but it pretty much ends there. But one thing I really enjoy is making invitations, placecards and other related paper items. Cutting paper and making something beautiful is so fun for me!

Tonight, I put together invitations for a bridal shower I'm hosting in a few weeks. I rummaged through my scrapbook goodies (which are rarely put to use these days :)) and found some excellent embellishments - I already had cardstock in a lovely color. I'm so happy with how the invitations came together. My mom helped and it took less time than I thought it might. It was just the creative outlet I needed this week! (On a side note: I wanted to take a picture and post it but there is a little too much identifying info. :))

I'm excited to make some paper crafts for Thanksgiving next week. Although it may necessitate a quick trip to the craft store for some fall colored cardstock - I used all that I had for the labels and cards I made for my office open house a few weeks ago.

Music used to be my main creative outlet but we don't currently have a piano (which is sad...someday we will!). And I've turned to cooking and baking but I'm starting to think that I should do more with paper. Do you have a favorite creative or crafy hobby?


Mama10EE said...

I LOVE to scrapbook, but rarely have the time. I also like to cross stitch, but again, rarely have time anymore. I am not creative at all, but if you give me a pattern, I am happy to follow it.

On a side note, I wish we lived closer together...I have a piano (an heirloom) that I would love to hear someone play on. I used to play but have completely lost the ability to read music (stemming from not being taught the correct way when I was young). I'd love to have you over to use it and fill my home with music!

Thad and Ann said...

um, yeah! :) You know all my favorite things to create. It's such a stress reliever to sit down & create something.