Monday, November 22, 2010

'Tis the Week of Thanksgiving

My Thanksgiving menu is mostly set. After work this afternoon, I hope to finish the shopping (not to mention we are out of bread and milk - the staples). I wish my house would magically clean and maintain itself but seeing as how that isn't happening, I have some work to do. :) Thankfully, the boys will spend tomorrow at  my mom's - lessening the opportunity for it to be made into a zone again. I'm working on my placecards and planning out the centerpiece and seating. We will use the china and a tablecloth and I will pretend it doesn't bother me when the boys use the tablecloth as a napkin. I'm creating a blessing jar for everyone to write down blessings from this year - for us to read and then save for next year. I think it will be a good reminder. 

Black Friday will find my sister and me heading out for one or two stores to score some deals. I hope to find a great deal on an electric griddle - an unfortunate mishap has rendered mine unuseable and I miss it - A LOT. And between you and me, the boys are getting a wii for Christmas (I've been saving up my Swagbucks!) and so I'll be looking for some accessories to go along with that. We are also considering looking for a new washer and dryer. It's time and perhaps there will be a good deal.

It will be a different year. We have half the number of events in a three-day period that we normally do and while I welcome the calm, it is also comes with some sadness. I will miss seeing my amazing extended family and miss seeing all of siblings and their spouses all together - though I think most will make Sunday dinner at my parent's house.

We are looking forward to decorating our home and tree on Saturday - the boys can hardly wait. We've NEVER done it so early. But with a bridal shower on the 4th and our open house on the 11th, it will be wonderful to have it done. And you are all invited to our open house on the 11th - feel free to stop in between 4 and 7 p.m. for food and holiday cheer. We so enjoy visiting with our family friends and sharing the holiday season. I'm looking forward to all the baking in preparation!

Happy Thanksgiving week!


JennaN said...

Wow! How many swagbucks do you need for a Wii? I think I need to start doing more internet searches!

Alaina said...

Hi Jenna! I've been saving them since last February. :) It takes 450 swagbucks for a $5 Amazon gift card. I have earned around $130 - we we will put a little with it to get the wii but it certainly made it more possible to get as a gift for the boys!