Monday, November 15, 2010

My Goodness

I completely miss blogging! Thanks to Kim, I figured out the picture issue. I was looking back a couple of years ago and enjoyed how busy the blog once was. Ah well, seasons of life. Perhaps I'll get back in the habit soon!

Our first semester of homeschool classes are nearly complete. It's been a good semester overall and somewhere along the way, I think we've decided to homeschool for another year. There are certainly frustrating days and days that I think I can't possibly do this but I'm so thankful for the time with my kids. I know I'll miss these years someday! Homeschooling is most definitely not for everyone and I have no idea how long we will do it but I'm focusing on enjoying it.

My favorite parts of school has been our country studies (which we have not done nearly enough!), our history, and reading. The last one surprises me the most - I told a friend recently that I realized that I was so worried about teaching my kids to read that I completely overbought materials. I think my recent tally was 4 different types of programs/approaches. :) I didn't even realize. Thankfully, it has not been quite as daunting as I thought it might be. The boys love the program that I settled on and are making great progress!

I'm so impressed with all the materials and resources available for homeschool. And I think that in some ways, homeschooling has brought out some creativity that I didn't realize I had in me. :) It's usually just simple projects and new ways to present material but still...

We are looking forward to our winter break. We will keep up with reading and math and some review but it will be a welcome break from our more intense study and memorization. I'm planning lots of field trips and holiday activities!


Kim said...

I am glad the homeschooling is going so well! I will look to you for advice next year should we decide to hold J back! :)

Anonymous said...

YAY you figured it out! I'm so glad. It was frustrating for me when that happened!

Monica said...

I'm glad you're having fun with homeschooling. If you love it, your boys will, too. There's nothing like learning together and getting to know them in the process.