Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Christmas Eve Tradition

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Hard to believe this year is so quickly coming to an end! The boys are beyond thrilled that Christmas is almost here. Each time Santa appears in a book, picture, commercial, movie etc.,Titus has been exclaiming with great excitement, "Ho, ho!!!"

We open our first gift on Christmas Eve - it's always a new pair of pajamas. It heightens the excitement for the other things stowed under the tree, ensures an excellent night's sleep (seriously, who doesn't love new jammies?), and makes for cute pictures. It's a tradition we started when the boys first came home and I love it. We cuddle up in our pajamas, read a few stories, and drink egg nog or hot chocolate by the Christmas tree. It's cozy and sweet. I love these years of innocence and magic and wonder.

Anyway, the gifts are almost all wrapped and the house is (mostly :)) clean. Tomorrow night, after our fun traditions, we will stuff the stockings, finish putting the gifts out and then sleep as long as three very excited little boys will let us. I'm betting we will be up by 6:15 on Christmas Morning. :) 


liz nelson said...

i love holiday traditions.:) and i love christmas!!:)

Mama10EE said...

Love that holiday tradition....I do something similar for our kids (Mo, Julia, and Kole) on Thanksgiving Day. I am hoping Morgan sleeps late too....I threatened my brother that if he wakes her up HE won't be seeing any more of Christmas Day!