Thursday, December 16, 2010

Various Things

I have so much to blog about and yet am running out of hours in the day! So here are some quick updates:

- I've had the pleasure of taking each of my boys on a "date" night for their Christmas shopping and a meal out. Delightful. I love spending time with them individually and watching their thought process as they carefully selected gifts for their brothers.

- We had a wonderful open house and enjoyed welcoming family and friends into our home. It was a surprisingly stress-free day and we even got a few home projects done (like touching up paint on the walls :)).

- I went back into the cookie business for the holidays and so have made and shipped several dozen. I decided to do it because someone asked me if I would and I couldn't resist. :) I love to bake cookies! Simply Sweets is the name I settled on and $1/dozen is donated to one of my very favorite charities - Two Hearts for Hope.

- Christmas shopping is nearly done. Gifts is one of my main love languages - I love giving them and I enjoy receiving them, too. :) I like to think about the individuals I'm shopping for and so I carefully plan (starting in September or October) and then shop. Andrew was pretty much the hardest but I think he will like what I got him. :) It's actually been one of the hardest years - not sure why. I'm happy to be almost done so I can get things wrapped - I do not enjoy last minute shopping and preparation. I'm a planner. :)

- Calvin had an appointment for his ears this week in Chicago. We just love the staff at the Shriner's Hospital. The audiologist and ENT were the only ones we were scheduled to see this week but we said 'hi' to lots of others, too. :) We took them a cookie tray to say thanks for all they do - they have blessed our family tremendously and I know they bless many others also! Anyway, Calvin has fluid on his right ear again and has a hole in his left eardrum which actually prevents the fluid build-up and is okay. Thankfully, he passed his hearing test and is doing pretty well in that arena. So, we are waiting. We will go back in May for a full team evaluation.

- Tomorrow is my work Christmas party which will be fun! We are going to a local tea house.

- This weekend we are hoping to get some things done around the house and finish Christmas preparations. We thought about heading to a local creamery for their Christmas on the Farm but I think we will probably pass this year. We've had colds and it's been a very long and busy week. 

We are all looking forward to Christmas! The boys can hardly contain their excitement and honestly, I just love giving gifts, so I'm pretty excited, too! :)

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