Thursday, December 02, 2010


Calvin woke up this morning and told me about a dream last night. It was precious and I simply must record it.

"Mom, I dreamed that someone took Pippi (our dog). And I called 911 and the police came. I got Pippi back and the policeman gave me the handcuffs so I could put them on the bad man. And Pippi came back.

Are you so proud of me, Mom, for saving the day?"

He then spent some quality time with Pippi - petting her and loving on her. I think it was a little too real for him - he loves our dog.

This is the first time that he has told us a dream in such detail. It was so sweet.


Betty said...

That is so sweet! I love it :) Maybe he needs a policeman set under the tree this year? :)

Creative Chaos @ The Play Connection, Inc. said...

Glad Pippi is okay :-)
Hey I just stumbled upon Muffin Tin Mondays a Mommy Blog Hop - I think you will love it! I do. You can find the link on my blog. Miss you!

Creative Chaos @ The Play Connection, Inc. said...

p.s. Did someone high-jack your recipe blog? What's with the photo and the location?