Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Totally Gross

My son, P, is seriously concerned about whomever lives in the sewers. How did this come up you ask? Well, he is feeling a little puny today and so I told him that if he needed to vomit, he could use the bowl or the toilet. He exclained that it was quite disgusting to use the toilet - to which I shared the information that we dump the bowl there. He was rather shocked and explained that he is thinks those who live down there will think the yucky water is gross. I agree. But then again, let's hope it's just sewer rats and the like. :) 


Margaret said...

Where does he think his waste goes? :) Hilarious!

liz nelson said...

man, that's so funny. where did he get this idea?:)

Andrew said...

Where did he get that idea? "Flushed Away." Some things that they learn from movies are just really hard to persuade them are pretend; e.g., that there may be monsters in the closet and rats (or people?) in the sewer :)