Monday, March 16, 2015

Choosing Joy

I frequently find myself encouraging my children to "Choose Joy." A message as much for them as for me. :) I think joy can come naturally and there are events and things that make joy easy, but I also feel that joy (and contentment) is a choice. 

As I validate emotions in our home (it's okay to feel ___________, but how you handle it is the issue), it makes me introspective. What do I model? How do my children see me deal with a range of emotions? 

Joy is a beautiful thing. Joy in the midst of suffering is challenging. Joy is often a choice. Even in the midst of being real and honest, I desire to live a life defined by quiet joy. It's easy to focus on things that are worrying or scary or uncertain, but worrying doesn't really do us any good and it takes a toll on your health. So much easier said than done. So much easier. 

Anyway...I'm currently finding joy in: 
- a deepened relationship with God. 
- decluttering and simplifying life - what a process! 
- hearing my kindergartner learn to read.
- reading an advanced copy of "For the Love" by Jen Hatmaker.
- anticipating a trip to Montana with my ourselves. 
- enjoying the start of spring.
- spending time with my children playing games, reading, and watching movies.
- blogging a little bit more - both here and at The Cooks Next Door.
- knowing that we are in the last 2 1/2 months of the school year. 
- looking forward to the birth of another niece or nephew in the summer.
- cooking - it has been awhile since I have enjoyed it, but I'm back to trying a few new recipes!
- working with a wonderful team. 

There are many other things I can list, but these are a few. 

Speaking of joy - look at these delighted faces! We have a new cousin (niece) who was born in November. We could not be more thrilled - isn't she a doll?! These big cousins were so excited that she came to visit (she lives far away) at New Years. Emmi is especially happy to not be the only girl anymore. 

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