Thursday, January 26, 2006

3 Things

This will be a brief entry since I am exhausted! Here are three interesting things from my day:
  1. Someone twice my age asked for advice on her divorce…I guess that was because of my vast experience. ;)

  2. Someone choked at a restaurant and I had my first genuine use of the Heimlich maneuver...hope not to make that a daily practice.

  3. Someone in our office had something happen that made all of us laugh harder than I can remember in a long time...stay tuned for the details tomorrow!
Tomorrow’s headlines…Choking Brings Back Memories and What to Check for to Avoid Unnecessary Embarrassment

- Alaina


Micah & Brad said...

Wow! I must say, I am very intrigued! I hope you have time to write *first* thing this morning!!!!! Also, the Heimlich?!? I'm really impressed that you even knew how to do it! I mean, I know in theory, but does it really work like that? I've always imagined it to be much harder than you would think! Plus, I've always just thought I would call 911... Anyway, hurry up with the stories!!!

steph said...

you know I can't wait to hear your detailed tales written for all to read.

I told my friend Kim about your blog because I was sharing your stories of yesterday...oh, your phone calls. :^) After I read my essay about you in class, two people now want to be your friend. That should make you a happy camper, my sister.

Maybe you should have been the writing major, because you seem to enjoy regaling people with stories.

love you!

tom said...

Go Alaina! Did I hear you correctly?!? You literally saved someone's life today? How cool is that?!?

Andrew & Alaina said...

I can't take full credit for "saving" her life. :) I was the first one to respond but it took a couple of us before it was dislodged. It really does work! Micah, I'm afraid if you waited to call 911 the person might not make it! :)