Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Heart-Breaking (and Stopping) Colts

     As I wrote one friend, this was not a fun weekend to be a Colts fan.  After such a promising season, to have it all end in one afternoon was hard.  By all appearances it seemed to be over for the Colts, and then there was hope, and then it was really over, and then there was a fingernail of possibility, but then that disappeared, until when all seemed lost, a thread, a ribbon of . . . hope? . . . appeared, only to be cruelly snipped.  
Apparently it was just too much for this diehard fan.  (I’m sorry – that was too good to pass up – and since he’s doing okay and met his idol, I don’t feel bad about saying it.)  It would be easy to judge and say that sports are just too important to people today, but I will admit that my heart, too, nearly stopped when I heard that at the last second the Colts had a chance to win (until Big Ben caught Harper) or force overtime (until Vanderjagt missed) but failed to do so.  
Why sports have become some important to people today is the seed for a future blog pondering . . .

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