Saturday, January 21, 2006

A Tribute of Sorts

I am a chocoholic. Do they have anon. meetings for this? Seriously, I think the longest I’ve ever gone without any kind of chocolate is maybe a week. To my benefit, plain dark chocolate is my favorite, which evidently has health benefits…at least I’ll keep telling myself that. :) The problem is, I certainly won’t turn down any type of chocolate: white, milk, dark, bittersweet or any combination thereof. I can go a long, long time without eating chips or drinking pop but not chocolate. When I have attempted to “give up” chocolate, it works for awhile but not because I’m not craving it and thinking about it 24/7. I even went so far as to buy chocolate rice cakes to satisfy my craving as I’ve been converting to healthier, organic foods. The thing is, I actually thought they were good…dessert rice cakes! Yes, it’s an obsession; I keep working on it and telling myself I really don’t need it…it’s like a mantra, “I don’t need chocolate, I don’t want chocolate, chocolate is bad.” Somehow no matter how many times I repeat this, I still want chocolate (yes, I do have self-control!). So, here’s a tribute to chocolate…you have me right were you want me. Yes, I’m having a love affair with chocolate – it really is the best food ever! One of these day, maybe I’ll try carob…wait, isn’t that what my mom used to tell me was chocolate? :) I think I’ll pass.


Catherine said...

Sorry to the health food junkies, but carob is SO not chocolate!

I got some sugar free hot chocolate packets at Costco that really satisfy the chocolate craving for only 50 calories. The problem is that I'm drinking like three cups of it per day! Ack!

Margaret said...

*said in low-tone* Alaina, we've talked about this...I have a doctor I want you to meet. I really think he can help you... hahaha.;)

Andrew & Alaina said...

I would have to agree with you, Catherine, on the carob. I think it is one of the most misleading health foods on the market! :) How anyone can think that is a good substitute for chocolate is beyond me. I think they've never had the real thing!

Good luck with the hot chocolate by the gallon - that's hilarious - we must be kindred spirits!

Jen said...

I am in the same boat as you. So this means, that we can NEVER be accountability partners in our quest for chocolate free lives. (well chocolate free lives is a bit extreme, just "less" chocolate consumed in a day). We need stronger partners who will not give in at the sight of chocolate in any form. :) I wish I could be that friend to you, but I can’t. :(

Oh and I laughed at "Carob"....I always remember that about your fam.

Rebecca said...

I could eat chocolate all day long.... :)