Friday, January 20, 2006

End of the Spear

Okay, this one will be on the serious side. We just saw End of the Spear. Highly recommend it. It is powerful, moving, unforgettable, challenging, and overall very well done. It is beautifully filmed and the music is wonderful. For those of you that have read Through Gates of Splendor or other Jim/Elisabeth Elliot books, it takes a slightly different perspective because it is from Steve Saint’s view (Nate Saint’s son). What a challenge to pray for missionaries and to support them. It is very clear on the message of the Gospel! Half the profits are given to organizations to support tribal work. So, go see it! It is violent (but not gratiutous) and has partial nudity (tribal clothing or lack thereof) so I would not recommend it for anyone under the age of 12.


Jen said...

YES!!! I saw it this last weekend and it was GREAT! I cried though in several places. Very moving and challenged me in my own life.

Kevin & Amy said...

Thanks for the recommendation! We will likely see it but I think I have to be in the right mood first. I grew up playing with Chad Allen (the guy who plays Jim Elliot) because he lived on the same block as my grandparents. It's weird for me to think of him as Jim Elliot because he is SOO not a Christian.