Saturday, November 18, 2006

Banana Breakfast

Well, it’s 7:57. I’ve been up for two and a half hours with Calvin. Pippi is awake, but Mommy and Patrick are still sleeping. Yes, I’m jealous.

We’re eating breakfast now. Actually, we’re almost done. Calvin is polishing off his second half of a banana and the last of his milk. He thinks it’s a good idea to feed Pippi small pieces of his banana. Daddy disagrees, and tells Calvin so. Calvin obeys: the piece of banana goes into Calvin’s mouth. Calvin is chewing before the banana even gets in there. He loves banana. He has a very intense look on his face. Evidently eating his banana is an important task deserving of his complete and utter concentration.

Pippi’s not happy with Calvin or Daddy. Apparently she also likes banana. She has gone back upstairs now, perhaps concluding there’s no more chance of banana-breakfast.

It’s no surprise this morning the boys like banana. When I bring them both down for breakfast, it’s the first thing I give them: they each get a half a banana to keep them busy while I fix their oatmeal. But it’s not just “keeping them busy.” When they see Daddy pealing their banana, they become euphoric. Both start giggling with glee, their little faces totally animated with joy. And when they get their little hands on that banana – watch out! The banana disappears in a flash. Boy, is that good!

Back to the present. Calvin is still drinking his milk – at least when I put the bottle in his mouth. In between times, he’s turning it upside down on his highchair tray and spilling it. Then he’s finger painting with it. Palm-painting, really. I can’t tell if his art is abstract or realistic. The milk doesn’t have much contrast with the cream-colored tray.

The milk is gone. The banana is gone. Calvin wants out. It’s diaper time. This blog post has reached its end.


Alaina said...

Thanks for letting me sleep this morning, hon. You're the greatest!

Great Grandma Judd said...

What a nice Banana Breakfast story! Calvin probably really enjoys that Daddy-Son time together just the two of you or perhaps he wants to be sure this is not just a dream that bananas and a Daddy and Mommy and Patrick are real. Alaina, your response is very sweet! You two are great parents. I love the stories, as you know, and I look forward to the next episode. Love each other. I surely do love all of you.
Great Grandma Judd

liz said...

yay! calvin is a little artist!:)