Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Don't Eat the Crayons

Today we colored for the first time.  Calvin was really into it and his eyes were bugging out of his head with concentration and pleasure – he was so proud of himself.  He used all the colors all over his paper and was a little overzealous and also decorated the table a bit. :)  Patrick also thought this was a great activity…for a snack!  He was so mad at me because I wouldn’t let him eat all the crayons – every color.  He also colored a little bit on his page but mostly just cried. Oh well, he’ll live and learn. :)  

Patrick is in a very dramatic stage these past few days.  Everything is either happy or mad – nothing in between.  That means lots of tears and furled brows then smiles and laughs.  Nap time is a good thing for him.  He is definitely testing us daily.  (Both actually look for confirmation at whoever is here when we tell them “no.”)  Patrick is really enjoying milk and does what I call a happy dance when he sees me pouring some for him – so cute!  He really can’t help himself when we turn music on – he just has to dance or at least move his hand.  Maybe I will put a video clip of his dancing on sometime – it is too funny.  

Calvin is chattering away saying who knows what. :)  He is playing with their Weeble castle (from the Sawyers) which he loves!  He is really into toys in general.  Great-Grandma Judd gave them a play cell phone and keys which they both think are great.  Calvin tries to talk on the phone regularly – play or real.  He is currently climbing on top of his block cart, I think he trying to figure our why it won’t move (may have something to do with all the toys spread around :).

I have been working with boys for a couple of weeks on recognizing nose, eyes, mouth, and ears…focusing on nose.  They refuse to learn.  The only thing I have been able to successfully teach them is how to give 5 – how sad is that. :)  We’ll keep working on other important skills.  It is really fun to see them learn.


Anonymous said...

Love the updates...... Keep them coming.

Love and Hugs, Ryann and Family

Kim said...

hey, high fives are good too. i can't wait to meet them monday! i love reading!

Great Grandma Judd said...

I am so pleased to see an update from you. Every child has to try to see if those crayons are good to eat. They just might be. I think it is great that you are introducing them to the crayons. They will have some beautiful works of art for you to display.
What fun those little fellows will be! I was so happy to be able to see them on Sunday. They are adorable. They will keep you smiling. I know Calvin will just take off walking all over the place one of these days. I imagine they will both be able to identify their noses, etc. after a few more lessons. They have sharp litte minds. They are so lovable.
Love you so very much,
Great Grandma Judd

liz said...

calvin may be a budding artist... this would be very cool.:) tell patrick that i put my paint brushes in my mouth regularly.:)