Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Big Weekend

**I tried to post this on Monday but had some trouble so this is a day late.**

Yesterday was a big day! The boys went to our morning church service, had lunch at Nana & Papa's where they met Great-Grandparents Judd, and then went to evening service. We were really impressed with how well they did! We don't know if we will able to go to both services every week but Daddy was doing a Psalm Meditation for the service. The only real problem we had was that Papa Judd opened the service and when Calvin realized who was standing up there, he started reaching out his arms and screeching for him (all from the back row). Oh well. :)

Calvin is still working on walking and it's so fun to watch. He is very determined and even walking with just a popper some. It's such a gift to watch him develop.

Patrick cried tears for the first time today which is good! I know, I sound like a mean Mommy but we haven't seen any tears since we met the little guy- only mad crying. He just loves to be tickled and chased.

Both boys are getting heavier and looking healthier every day. I'm including just a few pictures from the weekend. They enjoyed getting together with their cousins who are sadly moving out of state tomorrow. They also had fun with Grandpa and Grandma Falk on Saturday!


Micah said...

Your boys are so precious. I'm so glad to hear how well their getting along. Can't wait to see you all!!

Micah said...

*they're* sorry! That even happens to be one of my pet peeves - yikes!