Sunday, January 21, 2007

1st Snow!

Today was the first real snow we've had here in Indy. We took advantage of it and introduced the boys to snow (we think they were too young to experience it last year). They had a great time and so did we. Our front yard did not look particularly good afterwards. :) Calvn thought the snow tasted great and was even picking it up off the foyer floor when we came inside - yuck! Patrick was a bit more reserved in his feelings about it all. Here are some pictures:

Bundled up and studying the white, powdery stuff. :)

Calvin had a little trouble getting up from his tumbles - maybe too many layers?

Patrick just stood and observed.

Calvin and Patrick making their first snowman - they had a little help.

All the boys with their finished product - our lawn decoration!


Kim said...

Love the pictures!!

Micah said...

How sweet :)

Kathryn has yet to see her first snow :(