Wednesday, January 17, 2007

1 Year!

We joined the blogging world one year ago today with this post. We’ve done better some months than others but overall we have really enjoyed having someplace to write. Here are some of our favorite posts: (Alaina’s posts) Pippi, Embarrassment, Sushi, More TP, Memories (of the 80s), You Named Your Daughter What?! and (Andrew’s posts) Andrew’s Dream Car, St. Patrick’s Day, Home Improvement, Books.

We’re taking a poll – which post did you enjoy the most? You can choose from the ones above or nominate your own :) (The question of favorite is, of course, open to interpretation – is it the funniest, the most thoughtful, the most entertaining story, the post that received the most comments . . . ? And note: we’re not including here any of our posts on Our Boys’ blog, which would complicate matters greatly.)

Happy 1st Birthday, Blog! Here’s to another year of blogging fun!

1 comment:

Micah & Brad said...

"Embarrassment" gets my vote. I laughed out loud when I read it, then came back a couple of days later and laughed some more :)