Saturday, January 06, 2007

Calvin & Cous-Cous

We discovered this week that Calvin loves cous-cous. I’m not exaggerating - he LOVES it. Whenever I tried feeding him something else, he wouldn’t eat it unless there was also at least an equal amount of cous-cous on the spoon. And whenever his tray was empty of cous-cous, he demanded more.

Oh yes, and did I say that he liked to feed himself? He did it Moroccan style - with his hands. Not just fingers - he used his whole hand - fingers, thumb, and palm, to scoop it up and shove it in his mouth.

Here are a few pictures depicting the event. Also one of Patrick, to show the relative neatness of the two boys; while it is true Patrick wasn’t quite as enthusiastic about the cous-cous, he did eat it – just a little more neatly :)


liz said...

o the boys and their eating habits.:) they never cease to crack me up.:)

Great Grandma Judd said...

Oh, such cute pictures--a memory to share with the boys a bit later in their lives. I am not sure if I would like that couscous. I love your messages and pictures. Your sharing the events in the lives of those two little adorable boys is so much appreciated. They are amazing. They have really grown since October. You are doing a great job of parenting. Love you all.