Monday, January 15, 2007

Time Flies

It's been 3 months since we arrived home with our kids. You can see new pictures and read our thoughts here.

This year will be 11 years since I moved back to Indiana (Aug.), 10 years since I graduated high school (May), 6 years since I graduated college (also May), 5 years since I married my sweetheart (March), 1 year since becoming a mom (Oct.), and a celebration of a birthday getting closer to 30 (June).

Sometimes it seems like yesterday that I was playing outside with my siblings, working hard in school, and babysitting as often as possible to make money. I remember lemonade stands that earned me enough money to buy ice cream from the ice cream truck, dressing up for hours on end, perming my bangs - only (yeah, definitely not a good look), riding my bike, planning my teal and purple wedding, camping with cousins, and just enjoying carefree youthfulness. Where has the time gone? The years seem to go by faster than ever. I must learn to enjoy each day, each milestone, each passing year. We don't get a second chance, no re-dos, no pauses. I must live life to the fullest for His glory.

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