Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happy 2nd Birthday, Calvin!

What a privilege to celebrate Calvin's birthday with him. We learned about Calvin when he was just over 1 year old and so we didn't get to celebrate his 1st birthday with him. We decided to make up for that this year!

We had a Curious George birthday party for him yesterday. His very favorite book is Curious George and his favorite color is still yellow so we combined all of that to celebrate his special day. He maybe didn't fully get it but he had a great time playing with friends, opening presents, and eating cake. :)
The sandbox was a huge hit!
The cute Curious George cake my Mom made.
Blowing out the candle...kinda. :)
Enjoying Cake!

We are so blessed to have such a wonderful son. We remember his birthmom especially this weekend and pray God's blessing on her. She has given us a gift and we will be forever grateful to her for choosing to give Calvin life. We are so glad he is a part of our family - he brings us lots of joy. We have enjoyed watching him develop over the past almost 8 months and we look forward to seeing him grow and change over the next months and years.

Boxes are awesome fun!

Pefecting his golf swing with a little help from Uncle Elliot.

God bless you, Calvin. May you know God's love and grace as you grow. We love you more than we even knew possible. You are a good big brother to Patrick. You are a brave and courageous little boy. You are a delight to us and you have added so much to our family. We love your laugh, your smile, and your twinkling eyes. We really just love YOU so much!

The birthday boy and his brother Saturday morning before the party.


Kim said...

So adorable! I'm way impressed with your mom's cake. Gees. You Judd women. :) So happy you have Calvin and Patrick and can celebrate these days with them!

Micah said...

Happy Birthday, Calvin! I hope it was the best EVER!!!

LOVE the cake! Too cute! Your mom does do a great job ;)

Jen said...

Happy Birthday Calvin!!

That looked like so much fun. And that cake...tell your Mom that was AMAzing! Wow...I am impressed.

I will be home the first of June and hope to see you and the little guys!