Friday, April 06, 2007

On the Almost Runaway

This morning I was home with the boys. It was a delight, as (almost) always :)

For the first time, Calvin tried to “run away.” He packed many of his Duplo blocks into a grocery bag and trudged toward the front door. Upon reaching the entryway, he turned and looked at me, smiled, and waved. Then he reached for the door.

Unfortunately for Calvin’s plans (but happily for me), his little adventure stopped there. He couldn’t reach the door knob. So he paced the area, waving to me occasionally, and kept trying to reach door. He never could. It was as if he expected the door to swing open any minute so he could walk out.

Patrick joined his brother in the reaching part, as this photo shows, but he wasn’t much help. Either Patrick planned on traveling light or was only helping Calvin leave, for he didn’t go through any of the preparations Calvin did.

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Jen said...

:) I guess you will just have to keep moving the door handle up so they can't reach :)