Sunday, July 01, 2007


Here are some pictures (and brief reports) from the past few days...

Thursday: We had a wonderful time at the Children's Museum with several of my cousins and aunts - there were 17 of us all together! Sadly, I forgot my camera - hopefully pictures will be passed around and then I will post some!

Friday: We enjoyed having our friends over for a play date. In the evening, we went to Symphony on the Prairie's Celtic concert with Elliot and Ashley. We took the boys and had a great time - Patrick took his responsibility to throw things away and watch the stroller very seriously & Calvin charmed everyone around us with his antics and attempt at Irish dancing.

This weekend: We had much-needed family time. Some things we did - we had a pizza and movie night, shopped, put together and rode bikes, worshipped, and went out for brunch with Liz & Luke. It was great!

Enjoying popsicles with friends!

Symphony on the Prairie - we only got this one picture but took some cute videos!

My favorite boys!

Enjoying a beautiful day!
This week promises to be a busy one, too! We are looking forward to having Andrew home a bit more. We are excited for the boys to celebrate their first 4th of July as American citizens. In honor of the occasion, we hope to attend a parade, swim, eat ribs, and wear flag shirts. Pictures of our celebration to come...

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