Sunday, July 15, 2007

Shopping with Patrick

Today, I had some errands to run and Patrick was my shopping buddy. This made him feel very important as he waved goodbye to Daddy and Calvin. We chatted as we headed to the store - talking about cars and trucks and his upcoming birthday. I did most of the talking but he listened and chimed in from time to time with comments I didn't entirely understand.

Anyway, we were picking things out for his party and he saw Oreos on the shelf and made it quite clear to me that he wanted them. I handed him the package and he immediately put it in the cart. Now Patrick is not really into sweets, he would rather have chips and goldfish, but he seemed to think that he would like the Oreos. (Andrew can attest to this - Patrick was pretending to eat Oreos out of a picture book this week.) :)

We went to the toy department to find a little gift to put in his friends treat bags for his party. I found some little dinosaurs and asked him if he wanted to give them to his friends, he held the bag and looked at them. I then saw some little bottles of bubbles on the shelf and asked Patrick if he would like to give his friends the dinosaurs or the bubbles. He quickly handed me the dinosaurs and said excitedly, "BUBBLES!" I handed him the 6-pack, he admired it and promptly placed it right next to him in the cart as I handed him another pack - all the while saying, "bubbles, bubbles, bubbles." Throughout the rest of our shopping, he told me about the bubbles. He was so proud of them! He put them on the counter so we could pay for them and then made sure that they came home with us. He showed Daddy the bubbles and told him what they were.

Needless to say, after being so adorable and well behaved, he got his Oreos. And you know what? He's right, he does like Oreos. It's so fun that the boys are starting to talk! Patrick and I had such a great time laughing, talking, and shopping together!

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Jenna said...

What fun day! And how much more fun will you have when you can understand all that he is saying!