Sunday, July 15, 2007


I don't really think of myself as a picky eater. I love different ethnicities of foods and will try pretty much anything - this got me into a little trouble when I ate raw oysters once and had an allergic reaction. :) But I must say, okra is not good. The texture is slimy and disgusting and it changes the entire texture of whatever it is in...not in a good way.

I can tolerate okra if it is fried but even then, it just isn't a flavor I prefer - if I'm going to eat something fried, just give me some french fries or onion rings! Andrew, on the other hand, loves okra. So I try to occasionally buy it for him and even encouragaed him to plant some this year but it didn't make it (I'm secretly kind of glad but don't tell him, okay?).

I 'm usually a fan of vegetables but I've given this one a shot and I think I'll pass. Any okra fans out there?


Rebecca said...

I like it fried, otherwise I won't touch it with a ten foot pole.

Kim said...

I love my mom's fried okra! Especially when she grew it herself in their garden!! I don't like it fried by anyone else and I don't like it it in gumbo!


Swimming with frogs said...

I like it pickled. My grandmother used to do that. I haven't had it for years though.