Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Lazy Day

Today is pajama day at our house. We slept in (well, they hung out in our room while I rested :)), ate late, and have just had a lazy day. I'm super tired today and even the kids were asking for naps - maybe it has to do with the rainy, overcast day.

I did make some brownies which I will cut into hearts so the we can frost and decorate them. That is, if I don't eat them all first! Just kidding...kind of. :) We will also be working on Valentine cards for all of the boys' school friends. We made up little goodie bags and Patrick will write Cars cards and Calvin will write Batman cards.

Patrick will be going to school tomorrow and they will be having a Valentine's Party - Calvin, unfortunately, has an appointment in Chicago. We don't get much choice on dates and I didn't realize the conflict since it's been scheduled since Dec. Oh well, he'll get to spend the day with Mommy and Daddy. :) It's a routine appointment - I don't think any surgery (other than maybe tubes) for this year. Our speech therapist is a bit concerned that he still sounds pretty nasal and has some air escaping. We will certainly discuss that with the doctors. He does have a small hole still present towards the front of the repair - we knew that after surgery.

Well, not much else from here. Soup is in the crock pot for tonight and I'm going to rest for a few minutes before my entire brood is finished napping - yes, they are all down at once. It's awesome when that happens!


Jack-a-roo's Mom said...

Man! I wish I was having a lazy day at home. It has been raining tons here too. I am ready for Spring. I'm making your pizza recipe tonight! Can't wait. We love pizza night.

Mama10EE said...

Wow, that sounds like the perfect day! I am a HUGE fan of pajamas and I always have swore that if I worked from home I would sell all my old work clothes to buy a new "wardrobe" of PJs!!! Glad you were able to have a lazy day.

Monica said...

Sounds wonderful! It's always great when the whole family is in the same mood. Have a safe trip. I'm glad the rain has stopped for your travels.

Jean Marie Bibby said...

Sounds so nice. Today is beautiful, but the wind is SO cold! :-( Hello Spring Fever!