Friday, February 27, 2009

End of the Week

This has been quite a busy end of the week - I haven't had time to blog and haven't had time to read/comment on blogs much. I have put off the planning of a dinner we are hosting tomorrow night so that has been my project tonight. I think I've made 5 lists for tomorrow - cleaning, shopping, food etc. We will have around 18 people here, so I probably should get with it. :) Oh well. It will be fun even if it's not exactly what I initially had in mind. And I'm so glad everyone is bringing a dish to share!

Next week, Andrew and I are off for our weekend away - I'm counting down the days! I'll miss the kiddos but after being up much of the night last night (and several nights of late), I'm ready for some rest. :) We've been in a bad sleep cycle for the past week or two. I'm very hopeful that we will soon be into a better one. Work has also been busy and I'm ready for some time off - yes, I'm fully aware that I don't even work that many hours. It's just been challenging adding the extra hours this month but I'm so thankful for God's provision of the income.

The boys and I met Andrew downtown for dinner tonight. The restaurant we went to had a deal this month that kids ate for $1 with the purchase of an adult meal. It saved us $10 and we had a great time. I enjoyed not cooking and since Andrew needed to work late, it allowed us some time with him.

That's about it from here...terribly boring, I know. I'll work on something more interesting! :) Oh and I've been feeling rather nostalgic lately so...the picture above was taken within a couple months of our oldest sons coming home to be forever ours.


Kim said...

LOL - that wasn't terribly boring. Glad you were able to save on dinner, that's the best! Since Josh has decided to boycott eating unless it's pizza or something as horrible, we have been getting the boys one meal and splitting it when we are out.

Have fun with your company!

Jack-a-roo's Mom said...

Hi! Hope your weekend dinner party was fun. A weekend away sounds fun. I've been thinking my husband and I could use just that before the new baby comes this summer. I hope you guys have fun and get some relaxation.

P.S. Still loving your pizza dough and sauce recipe. We've been having it almost once a week. I'm addicted to making my own pizzas. Last week was cheese with different kinds of cheeses mixed together. I ate three slices! And then three for breakfast the next morning. Loved it.