Monday, February 09, 2009


Will organization ever fully come?
Or will I go crazy first?
Can we stop the papers and junk mail?
Perhaps it would help?
Can we do with less?
Is it possible for everything to have a place?
And everything in it's place?
Is this all too much to ask?
But towards this end I will work:
Simplify, simplify.
Organize, organize.
Clean, clean.
Ah, one step closer.


Kim said...

You know, one would think that since we just moved, there would be no clutter and some organization to our lives. NOPE! It is insane and has a life of its own.

On a side note - isn't it disgusting how much junk mail we get! Such waste.

BRiehl said...

No kidding! I think being organzied is an unmentioned spiritual gift:) One needs the Spirit to make it possible!!!