Friday, August 07, 2009

Big Day

Well, today is the big day for my sister. The favors are done and the last minute details are in place. Today is a busy day and a joyful day! I can't believe my baby sister is getting married!!!

And with all the busyness, I'll just give you this sweet (and funny) picture of my baby who is nearly one - I can't believe that either!


Jessy said...

Sooo cute!!! I'll see you later tonight at the wedding! =D

Gretchen said...

What a cutie pie! Congratulations to your sister and to you for for getting all of that done in time. I'm impressed.

Jenny said...

LOVE THAT PICTURE! Love it. Love it.

Thad and Ann said...

so sweet! His eyes are so full of life. :)

So do you want to throw up at the thought of Rice Krispie treats? :) Can't wait to see pictures of her wedding.