Monday, August 17, 2009

Birthday Party Pics

I didn't get nearly as many pictures as I had hoped and pretty much none of Calvin & Patrick. Such is life. Special thanks to our family and friends who helped out at the party!

We had a Carnival for Ty's birthday which included:
Ring Toss
Basketball Throw
Bean Bag Toss
Floating Cups
Train Ride
Face Painting
Puppet Making
Circus Coloring Pages
Bounce House
Cotton Candy
Candy Shop
And LOTS & LOTS of prizes

The kids (there were 23 or so of all ages) all had tickets and each game or treat cost 1 ticket. They raced around and I think they all had a good time. Titus mostly took it all in and watched everyone - he tried his hand at a few games but didn't want a train ride and wouldn't dare go in the bounce house. :)

The grassy area where Titus tried a couple of games.

Taking it all in from the safety of my arms.

Cautiously excited (and a little confused) about the cupcake and candle.

Digging in and starting to smear the frosting.

Definitely more into the frosting than the cupcake - he eventually threw the cupcake overboard. :)

Taking a rest in the midst of his day.

Opening Gifts - he loves his new books and toys!
When I ask Titus if he had a fun birthday, he breaks out in a huge smile and giggles. I think it was a success. :) Tomorrow, I will post pictures of his cupcake tower! You can check out more pictures on facebook. :)


Marian said...

I love the pic of him sleeping on your shoulder...he has such long sweet!! Looks like a fun day!

Jill said...

HOLY COW! Those eyelashes are to die for! LOL!
Looks like an awesome party! You outdid yourself again Alaina! How fun!
Hugs, Jill

Gretchen said...

How fun! I love the one with him sleeping. He is so cute! Glad it was a good time. How could it not be?? :)

Barbie said...

I seriously can't believe he is ONE! Wow!! He is so adorable and his eyes just light up each and every picture. Hope he enjoyed his birthday. Love the cupcakes. :-)

Margaret said...

It was such a great party!