Friday, September 25, 2009


A big reason we went to NY last weekend was to visit Andrew's Grandpa. We thoroughly enjoyed visiting with him and he had a chance to meet our boys! I love how these photos turned out (especially the first one).

Great-Grandpa decided that our three were a little like The 3 Stooges. :) He played with them and they loved it! Titus would periodically wander into his room, wave, and visit for a couple of minutes. The boys would run in and give him hugs. And we all watched some of his funny shows with him on his new tv/dvd combo. There was definitely lots of activity in the house!
I cherish the moments our children have getting to know their great-grandparents. It is such a joy to see the generations enjoying one another. And both Andrew and I have wonderful memories with our grandparents!


Courtney said...

It is great seeing the boys with their great-grandfather. He looks like he is having a wonderful time too!

Monica said...

I can see the resemblance there. Wow, that's cool.