Sunday, April 04, 2010


- It's been 15 days since we moved out of our house. It still smells pretty bad - the same to us. And we have no idea when we will be able to move back in. We are weary and I am definitely fighting discouragement. Andrew returns to work after working half-time or a little less last week. I'm dreading it.

- I never thought I would say this, but I am officially sick of breakfast food. They have a lovely breakfast here and that often ends up being one of our more main meals. I'm just getting really tired of it. I want vegetables! :) We have a two-burner stove top but no oven so we've just been having light lunches of yogurt, apples, cheese, crackers, etc.

- Wednesday, I'm taking Calvin to Chicago for his annual appointment at Shriner's Hospital. I anticipate a very long day and I expect him to need surgery for another set of ear tubes. We know his tubes are out and judging by the number of "huhs?" and "whats?," we think it likely that he will not pass the hearing tests. He never has except when the tubes are in place.

- Today started off very challenging (I won't bore you with the stressful details) but really was a lovely Easter. My mom hosted and it was my brother and his wife, my two youngest brothers, our family, my parents, and my grandma for dinner. The meal was delicious. My contributions were whipped sweet potatoes and a 4-layer key lime white chocolate cake. We gave the boys their Easter baskets and hid eggs while they were napping. They all had such a good time hunting for them. I did miss church since Titus just hasn't been feeling the best and is super grumpy.

- The boys start soccer tomorrow evening. They are very excited. I'm looking forward to it also - though realizing that it is likely the start of many years of sports. With three active, mostly athletic boys, I think it's inevitable. It will be fun and I look forward to cheering them on in whatever their endeavors may be.

- Pictures to come after I charge the camera battery - unfortunately it died right in the middle to the egg hunt. :) Hope you had a wonderful day!


Thad and Ann said...

And I'm sure hotel food gets old after 15 days. :) Since breakfast is my least favorite meal I totally understand your point.

Having soccer will be a great way to wear the boys out as well. ;)

So sorry your day was stressful. Hope you will be able to get back home SOON.

Nash said...

I hear ya on the hotel food. Man I hope and pray you are able to get back to home soon!

Glad you Easter was great!