Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Melt My Heart

Yesterday, Titus and I went to pick the boys up from school. When the boys came out of the classroom, Titus did happy dance, said "yay," and ran to give them great big hugs. It was totally sweet and I totally fell in love all over again with all of my sons. I love that. And I'm so emotional that I'm pretty sure there were tears in my eyes. Titus adores his big brothers and it's definitely mutual. What a blessed momma I am!


Margaret said...

I love all the pictures! :) I can't wait until Titus becomes even more verbal. Hilarity is sure to ensue.

Thad and Ann said...

Love the pictures! Those moments are so lovely & often right when we need them the most. See you in TWO days! :)

Karen and Glenn said...

Such adorable pics -- what a beautiful family. You're my hero -- a mom to 3 boys. I think that sounds like pure joy! No wonder you fall in love with them all over again constantly. I'll be keeping you in my prayers continuously over the coming week.