Monday, December 22, 2008

Guess the Book

Loraena tagged me a couple of weeks ago for this meme - guess the book from the 5th sentence on the 56th page. I'm just now getting to it but what a fun meme!

Here are the "rules":
- Take ten books, and transcribe the 5th sentence from page 56.
- Five of the books must be fiction
- Provide five hints
- Tag six other bloggers

So here are my 10 book quotes:

1. My earliest Mother memories lie laughing blue-eyed in the grass, child herself, rolling side to side as Rachel and Leah decorated her all over with purple-clover jewelry.

2. She looks lonely and sad, don't you think?

3. You knew, you knew that was going to happen and you didn't say a word.

4. But I was thinking about a suitcase on the floor, about a face I could never quite see, about the sweet smell of cold cream.

5. And furthermore, she was single!

6. You can't save the whales by eating whales, but paradoxically, you can help save rare, domesticated foods by eating them.

7. Paul not only wanted to know Christ, he wanted to be like Him; and he pressed forward with utmost intensity toward that goal.

8. Praying daily for a different unreached-people group gets missions under the skin.

9. Much more often our difficulty lies in knowing how to apply the clearly understood parts of God's Word to everyday living.

10. In his economic study American Agriculture n the 20th century: How It Flourished and What It Cost, University of Maryland professor Bruce L. Gardner notes that the United states has lost two-thirds of its farms since 1920.

Now for the clues (I'm giving you a couple more than 5 :)):
- The first five are fiction and I've read 9 of the 10 (#8 is on my to-read list and appropriate for this time of year).
- #1 & #6 are by the same author - one fiction, one non-fiction.
- #6 & #10 are both local food related - I read both this year.
- #2 was one of my favorite books growing up - there are 8 books in the series (6 main ones). I also love the two movies made from this series - I do not like the sequel (3rd movie). #4 is also a movie - made this year.
- #3 is a strange book that was a national bestseller - Henry and Clare are the main characters.
- #5 is by the same author as Saint Maybe and features two different families whose paths cross at an airport.
- #7 & #9 are both on living the Christian life.

Now for the tagging - I'm tagging a few people that I know love to read:
Heather of Blackberry Rambles, Catherine of Catherine Wheels (she just had a baby so... :)), Stephanie of Facts, Facets, Fancies & Fairy Tales, Jeremy of The Hodge Podge Emporium, Lana of When It Don't Come Easy, Jenna of The World of Jenna
Feel no pressure but I would love to see what you are reading or what you recommend of late!

All right folks, guess away! I'll be revealing the answers sometime in the next few days. :)


loraena said...

Ooh fun. These are so hard though!

I'm mostly clueless, except that #2 HAS to be a Lucy Maud Montgomery, I'm guessing "Anne of Green Gables". And I HATE the 3rd one too!!!!

And #4 - is it the "Secret Life of Bees?"

stephanie said...

Okay, here's my guess list. :)
1. Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver
2. Anne of Green Gables by LM Montgomery
3. The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffinegger
4. I happen to see this on the previous post...Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd (I should have known this!)
5. Digging to America by Anne Tyler
6. Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver
9. Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life by Donald Whitney
10. Plenty by Alisa Smith and JB Montgomery

How did I do? I really had no idea on #7 and #8.

Now I'll have to ponder doing this myself.

Alaina said...

Loraena - you're right! Steph - I told you how you did on the phone... :)

Alaina said...

Okay Steph had them all right...

And #7 - The Practice of Godliness by Jerry Bridges
#8 - Treasuring God in our Traditions by Noel Piper