Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ladies Enjoy...Guys Beware

**I don't have many male readers that I know of but there are a few of you and you might want to skip this post. :)**

This is the time of the month
that chocolate was created for.
This is the time when no toenail
should go unpolished.
When going to the mall is enough of a workout,
thank you very much.
This is the time when, if something
is even slightly annoying,
the world should know about it.
And if you feel like crying,
there is no inappropriate time or place.
It's your period.
You have the right to make it
the best period it can possibly be.
And we're here to help.
Have a happy period. Always.

I recently came back across this ad (not sure what magazine it appeared in) that my sister sent me a few years ago and it totally made me laugh (again!) - in that sad identifying way. :) So true. So true. I wish I could take credit for writing it. :) Hope you enjoy!


stephanie said...

Seriously though, who actually has a happy period?

I totally remember sending you that ad. :)

Thad and Ann said...

LOL I love this. :)

Also love the post on coffee, I'm with on that today.

Heather said...

I am with Stephanie! Seriously - if you are having a happy period, I want to know. . . and I want to know what kind of drugs you are taking to get it there! :)