Saturday, December 06, 2008

Thanks & Time with Calvin

Praise God - Ty seems to be a little better today. Still a little wheezing and some coughing but he just sounds a little better, not well, but better. I'm relieved - I think it's going to take awhile for him to be completely over this (and yes, it is likely RSV or a related virus - that's what I suspected and unfortunately the doctor confirmed on Thurs.). Thank you for continuing to pray!

Calvin and I had some time out together today and it was delightful. I cherish the individual times I get with my boys! He talked my ear off, recited his favorite book (Brown Bear, Brown Bear), helped pick some Christmas presents, ordered his own lunch (chocolate milk & pancakes with two whip creams :)), and just generally made me smile. He has such a big heart and is such a sweet, affectionate child. He is working so hard on his speech and it's wonderful to hear him using sentences and trying to speak clearly. He has a long way to go but every week, his therapist tells me that he is working very hard during their sessions.

Calvin is a child that has overcome so many obstacles - malnutrition, cleft lip & palate, developmental delays, and speech delays - some we are still working on but he is a tenacious kid with an unquenchable spirit. He is a fighter and a clown and his smiles, laugh, hugs, and kisses make my day. One of my favorite things is that he ALWAYS refers to our house as 'our home' or 'my home'. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy hearing him talk about it. I'm so thankful and so blessed that God gave Him to us for our oldest son. He is a unique individual (like each of our sons!) with wonderful character traits, lots of personality, and tremendous potential. What fun we had today! Next time it will be Patrick's turn - I can't wait!


Jenna said...

Glad to read that Ty is doing better... and reading your little ode to Calvin brought tears to my eyes!

Heather said...

I am so glad Ty is doing better. . . what precious time you had with Calvin! He is such a delight. All his pictures make me smile.