Monday, November 23, 2009

And So...

...the holidays begin! For me, the week of Thanksgiving is the official launch of the holiday season.

We have a very full Thanksgiving with family and friends although I think it will be a bit more relaxed than some years - we are so grateful! I'm praying that the kids stay healthy - Thanksgiving week kicked off a very rough (and scary) winter for our youngest last year and so we have worked hard to plan ahead and do less this year. I think it will make everything more enjoyable and give us all an opportunity to enjoy each event more. And hopefully we will have a chance to enjoy some family time here at home.

I've begun my Christmas shopping, the Christmas cards have arrived, and holiday baking and cookie making will begin in earnest next week. I'm hosting a Brunch in the middle of December although we decided to take a year off from our annual open house. The traditions of the tree trimming, advent, and celebrations will be underway soon. I love this time of year. And the big boys understand it all a lot more this year which makes it even more fun!

These next few days will be busy as we prepare for Thanksgiving - cleaning, cooking, and baking. But I have a feeling there will be some fun crafts, story books, and games mixed in. So I'm turning on some holiday music and starting this week!


Jill said...

ENJOY Alaina!
I am trying to hold off until the weekend, but it is getting so hard! Hope you all have a fun and healthy week!

Merrilee said...

You know, after you get your house cleaned and ready, you are more than welcome to come to my house to clean it, too;)!!! Why does it take company coming over to finally motivate me to finish all those "projects"?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Courtney said...

Enjoy this wonderful time of year. Happy Thanksgiving!

Rona's Home Page said...

I loved reading about your holiday plans.
We'll be busy with volunteer work and praying for full time employment for the hubby.

Brooke said...

Your post makes me excited about putting up my Christmas tree! I can totally identify with your feelings of holiday cheer, although you totally have me beat with the cards and shopping ;)