Sunday, November 15, 2009


The tough things:
- We survived Saturday! Andrew was at work for 13 or so hours. :)
- Titus woke up with a fever today and congestion.
- I had a migraine today.
- One of my stones broke clean in half in the oven - weird.

The great things:
- The house looks better than it did at the beginning of the weekend.
- We found out some great news from some friends.
- The boys had a blast making their own pizzas and sugar cookies!
- I made three recipes for the other blog.

It hasn't been the easiest weekend but I enjoyed the time with the boys yesterday. I'm praying that Titus' illness goes quickly away without anyone else getting it. I've cleared my schedule for tomorrow so we will be home - recovering, I hope! That's us in a nutshell. I'm headed off to bed with my aches and pains. :) Titus has had another dose of medicine and will hopefully go back to sleep now.

So much to do these days - I feel more behind heading into this holiday season then usual. Oh well, we will enjoy the time with family and friends despite what I don't get done - that's what really matters anyway!


Jenna said...

Of course you're more behind... you have three little men to keep track of (and that's if you don't count your hard working husband!). But you're right... family and fun are what are important at the holidays, not whether or not something does or doesn't get made.

Jill said...

You do more in one hour with 3 kiddos than I can accomplish in one day with 2! You rock Alaina! Don't forget that! Thanks for the reminder about spending time with the kiddos!! I need that from time to time!

Micah said...

Sorry for ALL those hours of work, and the sickness. I hope you wake up today feeling refreshed :)

Thad and Ann said...

I hope everyone is feeling better today! Off to check out the cooks next door.

btw-I laughed at the comment you left on my blog. :) very true!