Thursday, November 19, 2009

Some Days...

...I feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of my love for my kids.
...I wish I could make everything okay for people.
...I want my pipe dreams to become a reality.
...I am absolutely amazed at how thoughtful my husband is.
...I can't believe that I am 30.
...I feel incredibly blessed to have such awesome siblings.

Some days = pretty much all days. :)

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Sandy said...

alaina, your blog is such an encouragement! i'm so glad kim forwarded me the link again, and I've now included you guys in my blog list. you give this adoptive-mom-to-be so much inspiration as we wait to go get our little boy...i love the photos of your family too.

hopefully someday we can meet all of you...
- sandy (ps i've recently started a blog and you're welcome to visit if you like: