Saturday, November 14, 2009


Sometimes I find it difficult to know just exactly how much to expect from my 4-year-olds. They are at an age where they definitely need responsibility and need to be learning the basics of home care, setting the table etc. It challenges me to include them when I know it would take me half the time to just do it myself.

These formative years are so important in establishing a good work ethic. And so, I find myself considering ways to more involve my boys in helping on a daily basis. Today we are working on cleaning up thoroughly, dusting, and cleaning bathrooms. I have decided that the reward at the end of the day will be making sugar cookies together. I don't think they always need a reward for helping but I do think it's important for them to know that when we get things done, it frees up our time to do fun things as a family.

I'm once again challenged as I learn more of how to guide and shepherd my children here in the home. It develops character in me as much (or more!) as in them. As we work together today, I pray for willing hearts, teachable moments, and lots and lots of patience. And what a great end result of having a clean home for when Andrew gets home from work tonight - I know it will encourage him as he works hard even on this Saturday.

Incidentally, this is my 900th published post - a little hard to believe!


Courtney said...

Happy 900th post. Emjoy the weekend with your boys!

Heather L. said...

900 posts!!! wow -- you're about 500 ahead of me. :)