Monday, February 15, 2010

And So We Celebrated

Yesterday was a low-key Valentine's Day. Our sweet boys wished us a happy Valentine's Day several times which totally melted me. We opted for a heart-shaped waffle lunch with a side of eggs (my whole stove is not functioning properly so we are limited to appliances :)). The boys were THRILLED. Patrick requested that we have them again soon. We spent a short time going around the table and talking about things we loved about each person - totally cute. Both boys were so adorable about the things they loved. A few examples:

P: I love it when I go shopping with Mommy.
C: I love that Titus makes me laugh.
P: I love that Daddy goes sledding with us.
C: I love that Patrick plays with me.
P: I love that Calvin plays with me.

Andrew brought me gorgeous roses on Friday and last night we enjoyed take-out Chinese and a quiet evening after the boys were down. Titus gifted us with only waking up once (it's been 6-12x/night with his teething). We picked cards for the boys and fully intended to get them each a matchbox car (their favorite thing ever!) but haven't had a chance to get them, yet. So they will have that surprise later in the week.

It was perfect for us. I think all of our "love tanks" were full. I know that I feel incredibly blessed.

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