Thursday, February 11, 2010


When I think of the ultimate comfort meal that always reminds me of childhood, it's grilled cheese and tomato soup. I LOVE it! I like to dunk my sandwich in my soup and I really like to have my soup served in a mug.

With the snowy, cold days this week, we've had grilled cheese and tomato soup twice. I made the soup Tuesday for lunch and we had enough for lunch again yesterday. The boys passed on having the soup for the second time, which was fine (on a side note, Calvin has informed that he would like to have peanut butter and jelly for every meal, now). The warm, cheesy sandwich was perfect with the slightly spicy tomato basil soup. I think I could eat it again today. :)

These days, I often like to make grown-up grilled cheese with a variety of toppings. Over on The Cooks Next Door, I'm planning a post in a couple of weeks with a number of variations on the basic grilled cheese.

Comfort food has a way of bringing us back to childhood and of making us feel young again. Ah, grilled cheese and tomato soup, how I enjoy thee! What's your favorite comfort meal or food? Do you associate a memory with it?


Jen said...

YES! We actually just served little shooters of tomato soup with mini grilled cheese at a event on Tuesday and everyone loved it and said it was perfect comfort food for the winter.

They did mini grilled cheese and ham---sliced french bread baguette and then did a mix of monterey jack cheese, cheddar cheese, bits of ham and a little mayo and make it like the pimento cheese sandwich and it was SO good.

I love a good monterey jack cheese with jalapenos toasted cheese...yum!

Courtney said...

Great post. I have to say I am not a fan of the grilled cheese/tomato soup combo. Neither are really my favorite foods. For comfort food, I love roast and mashed potatoes.

Brooke said...

Hmmm. This is an easy one. Hands down, the best food ever is parmesan mashed potatoes served with romano crusted chicken with sage butter sauce poured over whole mix! I could eat it every day. . . and my backside would be as big as a barn ;)

Grilled cheese sounds yummy too, as long as you aren't referring to the American cheese slice recipe ;) Have you ever had Macaroni Grill's grown up grilled cheese sandwich? They have a much more refined name, but include ricotta, fresh basil, and a host of other cheeses! I am getting hungry. . .