Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Yesterday was perhaps one my best birthdays ever. My sweet boys spoiled me and were so cute about it. Andrew was home since he has not started his new job yet and that was such a treat! We went to dinner with my sister and brother-in-law and I had a chance to just have a low-key day. It was so much fun! Thanks to all of you for the facebook birthday messages!

Titus' gift to me was saying two new words. On of which was, "Eh-woah" - otherwise known as "Hello." It was adorable!

I've contemplated the past year and I will admit it's been one of the tougher ones - especially the last several months. I won't dwell on all of that but I welcome and embrace age 31 and with it, the start of another year...besides 31 is much easier to take than the big 3-0 last year. :) Now, if life would just slow down a little more and the kids stay young and carefree. Oh and maybe they could stop growing like weeds!

And for those of you who have asked, I will be finishing blogging my trip to Kazakhstan before too long - it was definitely one of the highlights of the past few months despite being a very emotional journey.


Micah said...

Happy belated birthday!! I thought of you yesterday, but we're still on the road so I never managed to get on the computer! I'll wish for you the same thing I wish for myself - an uneventful year ;). Love you!!

Christina said...

Happy B'day - a little late. Sorry I missed that one! I'm glad to hear you had a lovely day. I agree with you. I wish we could pause some of the moments in our kids life -- it is going so fast. May this year be a blessing to you (especially as Andrew starts his new job!)

Rona's Home Page said...

Happy Belated Birthday wishes.

Brooke said...

Happy Birthday! I knew we were really close in age- I didn't realize it was one day apart ;)

It sounds like you had a blessed day!