Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Craze

Have the kids in your life joined the silly bandz craze? While mine aren't totally obsessed (yet!), they definitely like them...alot! We didn't introduce them to these fancy rubber band bracelets - their friends did and their VBS did. So, they have a few and they wear them daily.

Silly Bandz take me back to my childhood. We had jelly bracelets in many colors and wore so many at one time! I actually think this craze is more fun - the shapes are so cute and really, of all the fads that come around, I'm really okay with this one. I am frequently gifted with a couple - one from each of my older sons. And while it wouldn't be my favorite style to rock at the age of 31, I'll do it for my kids because I know it's their sweet, generous hearts that want to share and want us to be cool together. :)

After seeing how many their friends have and wanting to participate more in the trading of these bandz, I'm thinking of using them as a motivational/reward tool in our household. I have a few more around here and will likely head to the store for a package and give the boys some extra (helpful) things to do around the house to earn them.

Do you like the silly bandz or do you avoid them?


Gretchen said...

I think they are so neat but my kids could care less about them. I saw some at Party City yesterday that are letters instead of animal shapes. Pretty cool.

Katrina said...

My daughter plays the clarinet in the HS Band. My son bought a pack of the musical instrument ones just so he could give his sister a clarinet. He can be sweet to her sometimes!

Thad and Ann said...

The boys could care less...for which I am grateful. :) I think they are cute but I'm good with them not being into the bandz.

wiggins said...

I have mixed feelings. It's cute to have something like that but I cringe at my girls getting into fads this young. They're harmless but I don't want to create a "follow the crowd" mentality. I'm stuck in indecision about them. We have a few and Caroline wants to buy some with her b-day money. We'll see. . .Reminds me of "friendship pins" when I was little.

Anonymous said...

The fad hasn't come to Thailand yet, so I guess I'm safe ;-) What do they look like?

-rachel :o)

Jenny said...

Adam got two at MOPS on our last day (in May). Mark quickly got him to give him one, and somehow Mark then ended up with both.
I haven't seen them since.
Rachel, think a silicone rubber band that, when sitting flat, is a small shape. On a wrist, it just looks like a lumpy rubber band (not tight though). They come in shape "themes" and are in all kinds of colors.

I don't mind them but have not been approached for any more than the two that used to live here.