Sunday, August 22, 2010

Thoughts as the Fall Draws Near

September is quickly approaching and with it, a new school year and a new work schedule. We have decided to be more purposeful and structured with our days while still leaving room for spontaneity and flexibility. It is time for our boys to have increased responsibility and with that will come more privileges. I'm ready to embark on this journey of kindergarten. I want to be deliberate in our activities and I want to seize the teachable moments.

Titus will have bins with special things to occupy him for each day - hopefully keeping him interested. I think it will be a challenge to have two with very different learning styles and personalities along with a two-year-old but I imagine we will eventually find a good balance. :)

We are working on goals for each child - educational, personal, and spiritual. We want to note the growth and development and to come alongside our sons and encourage them as they mature, as they learn, and as they make new friends and spend time with old friends. These are not goals just for school but for life and for us as a family. And Andrew and I will be making goals for ourselves, too.

Yes, bring on the fall...but give us a little bit more time. We have things to get ready!

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Merrilee said...

Good luck!!!! Hey, would you mind writing some goals for me too? I would really appreciate it!!!!!! :)