Monday, August 16, 2010


So hard to believe Titus turned 2 - it seems forever and yesterday all at the same time since he joined our family. I constantly marvel at how everything fell into place from the start to finish. I'm not sure I've ever felt so many emotions in a 4 month period. 

Dear Titus,

How can you possibly be 2? I remember so clearly the day we met you in the hospital - so tiny and helpless in the incubator. Your entrance into this world was a little rough and unexpected but very much welcomed! I was so nervous to hold you - afraid you would break. Looking into your sweet face, I instantly fell in love. We spent some emotional and scary days wondering if you would truly be ours - wishing and hoping and praying. And then we took you home.

What a sweet boy you are! You have stolen the hearts of everyone in our family with your happy-go-lucky, funny, and affectionate personality. You try to be old beyond your years and you are a complete daredevil - making me one extra watchful mommy. While you crawled and walked early, you have taken your time on talking but that has not stopped you from communicating! You have about 35 words now which you use when you feel like it. :) You are adept at animal sounds, identifying body parts, and singing. I love the way you hold up one finger and tell us you are, "Two!" when asked your age.

You are a little foodie - amazing me with your palate and willingness to try new things. You often go to the silverware drawer, pull out a spoon, and bring it to me to sample whatever I am making on the stove. Usually a declaration of "yum" follows. You also enjoy talking on the phone and having conversations with varous members of the family. You think my cell phone is your personal phone as you pick it up and say, "Hewwo" or sometimes "Hello" depending on your mood. And you have mastered the word "no" as most two-year-olds have.

Life is an adventure to you and you embrace each day with gusto. You love life, you love your brothers, and you love Pippi. You can't wait until Daddy gets home - squealing and running to give him a great big hug. I love the moments you spend cuddling with me. You are often my little shadow and I love it.

I think of your first mom almost every day and feel so thankful to her for giving you life and for choosing us to be your forever family. It was a tough decision for her but she truly wanted what was best for you and we will always love and honor her for that. 

What a sweet and wonderful son you are. It's a joy watching you grow and develop - to see your ideas, opinions, and personality emerge. I'm incredibly thankful and privileged to be your mom. I thank God for you daily and as I look into your beautiful eyes, am the recipient of your sweet hugs and affectionate kisses, I fall even more in love you, little man. I love you forever, always, and unconditionally, Titus. Happy Birthday, baby boy.

Love forever,


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Karon and John said...

What a beautiful letter and a beautiful family. How lucky all of you are to have each other to share this life with.

Lana Joy said...

Alaina, he's just so big! I mean, his face is so mature. What a stud.

Gretchen said...

How sweet! Look at how big he is!

Sanders said...

i love reading your blog...the love for your children and the respect for thier birth moms and families,the insights and the tender sweet moments you capture for your young boys. they are blessed to have you for mom!