Monday, August 02, 2010

Random & Question

- Today is day 1 of my new workout plan - yay!
- Everyone seems to be healthier after a couple of the boys were sick last week.
- We are making some great progress towards continuing on our organization quest.
- School starts in one month.
- Teething seems to be in full force with Ty - upper molars.
- Getting excited for the Walk! Really hoping for a good Indy turn out - please consider walking or volunteering! It's a great family event!
- We are completely cutting our dish (we've gone to the very basic package but really don't need it) and joining basic netflix instead.

And finally, any ideas on keeping toys more organized? We have done bins and we try to weed out toys fairly regularly but it doesn't seem entirely successful. Any shelving units (inexpensive) you would recommend for the play area?


wiggins said...

Alaina -

We watch almost everything on Netflix instant play and don't have cable. It's a pretty good deal. We watch all kinds of things that we never heard about before. (However, AT&T has a deal out that is less than we pay now but includes cable so we might get that. It's hard to turn down a better package for less money.)

Good luck with teething!

We're starting school next week, I think, since Andy is starting.

No tips for toy organization here. We do constant weeding as well and use rubbermaids with lids (this works better than bins for us b/c they can't throw things in as easily.) We have rubbermaids for: legos, barbies, ponies, horses. I feel like we have to stay on it all the time though.

. said...

We use bins but the key has been rotating them....the kids can only have the contents of about 3-4 out at a time and the others are ENTIRELY PUT AWAY, out of sight. Then, when it's time for a big switch, it's like the previously gone toys are brand new. Good luck, I know it's REALLY hard!
Shan in CO

liz nelson said...

as you know, i'm an avid fan of netflix. i think you guys will really enjoy it.:)
thanks for continuing to remind us about the walk.:) i printed the registration, but still have to send it in. are you forming any kind of team around here?

Alyssa said...

I agree that rotating toys is key to keeping things under control. I have a small bookshelf (3 shelves) sitting in our hallway with two baskets. All of Jesse's toys fit in these or stack on the shelf. If we start to have overflow I know it's time to sort through them.

I plan to get a bookshelf for each kid so they can have a place for their own toys and be responsible to put the toys back on their shelf.