Tuesday, February 21, 2006


     One of these days, Alaina is going to write about some memories of growing up and what she and her sisters used to play and imagine.  My brother Peter and I often pretended that we were cowboys herding cattle or Indians giving them a hard time.  We never dreamed of herding the kind of livestock depicted in the video clip below.  In fact, upon seeing this, my dad said that if this is the new cowboy, he might have to stop wearing his hat!  Watch, enjoy, and laugh; it’s absolutely hilarious!


Catherine said...

That is too funny!

steph said...

are we sure that Alaina should share memories of what we played and imagined growing up? I'm in an autobiographical writing class right now and some of the stuff I'm remembering is just a little scary (of course it is also very funny!).

Kevin said...

I remember that commercial when it was on TV. It's still every bit as funny!