Friday, February 17, 2006

Venting re: blogger

     I love blogging, but I certainly have my frustrations with  It bugs me that sometimes I can’t indent, and I can’t do indented paragraphs (e.g., for block quotes), and that if I write something on Word, publish it, and then go back and edit from, I lose all my indents (noticing a theme here?)  
     Well, to top it all of, I’ve been working on an entry this afternoon and running into a lot of the above problems.  Instead of editing from blogger, I was deleting my post and publishing from Word again!  But then I just accidently deleted Alaina’s original entry on HSN from last week!  Thankfully, I was able to hit my “back” button enough to recover that text, but all of y’all’s great comments are seemingly lost in the bottomless abyss of the internet black hole.  (Okay, that’s mixing metaphors, but I can’t help it – that’s how frustrated I am!)
     My (real) post shortly . . .

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