Thursday, February 09, 2006

Classical School of the Medes

     A few days ago I was checking out George Grant’s blogs, one of my favorite blogs (I love the fascinating and often unknown stories from history he recounts, and often applies to our situation today).  Anyway, I was intrigued by one of his links – to the Classical School of the Medes.  What in the world (as well as, where in the world) is that, I wondered.  So I checked it out.  So should you.  As I have learned from Michael Yon’s online magazine, as well as from other sources, I know that many good things are happening in Iraq, but these schools are one of the most encouraging things about which I have heard.  So much of what is happening, while urgent and important, relates to the here-and-now, helping make life a) possible and b) easier now.  These schools, it seems to me, should really help make a difference in the long term.
     One of the exciting aspects of the program is that you can help support one of the children in the schools.  That’s something we can do to actually help make a tangible difference, both now and in the long term.


Anonymous said...

True.I think Classical School of the Medes is the best school in Iraq I have actually been there. Its great! There have three schools in the three main cities. Iraq is not actually what you see in the news all fighting. Beacause thats only some parts of it,mostly in the south. But North of Iraq is a diffrent world! It has the most beautiful nature and amazing views, the people are also nice and friendly to forigners,unlike how we treat them here in the west....anyway i just wanna say that i had a wonderful timein Iraq and hope to go back there again.

Thank you,

Anonymous said...

OFCOURSE, CSM best school ever! I'm lucky I've been there since the first year! :D Thanx 4 all you Americans who have supported us.