Saturday, February 18, 2006

THE Purchase

It arrived…on Wednesday to be exact. HSN told us it would be here by the 20th, so we were pleasantly surprised to receive it on the 15th. I felt a little nervous to open the box…a bit unsure of this midnight, tv purchase. It seemed too good to be true and really, who can trust their late night instincts.

I muscled off the packing tape only to find tons of packing peanuts, a little dog’s dream come true. [Side Note: I think packing peanuts are one of the worst inventions, they make such a mess and stick to everything!] I scrambled around and tried to pick them up before Pippi came bounding up the stairs. I thought I succeeded only to have her come and find more.

The box was packed tight and it was difficult to remove the item we had ordered. I struggled, due to its size, but finally managed to pull it out. It was beautiful, soft, luxurious, and exactly what we wanted! I sighed a huge sigh of relief – no $100 non-refundable return! Yeah!

You may be wondering what it was…well, come to our house and see! :) JK, it is a gorgeous california king bedding set. That was our big HSN purchase. It is very nice!

Many of you had some wonderful ideas about what we ordered…I highly recommend you spend some time inventing these great products. We were especially impressed with the dogbot!

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Rebecca said...

I really like it. Your room is going to look so good. I can't wait to get started on ours.
I agree with you about the packing peanuts. Have you ever seen snowing peanuts? I have, with the result of a good crushed floor coverage that has to be picked up by hand.